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MAS - Wandelboulevard

In one of Antwerp’s icons

The MAS is more than a museum. A walkway with undulating glass sections leads you all the way to the top. On each floor awaits a new story about Antwerp, the river, the port and the world. Be enchanted by the City’s largest museum and discover why the locals are so fond of it. Students without vertigo can also enjoy great roof-top views. Those who prefer to have both feet firmly on the ground can enjoy ‘Dead Skull’, the work of art by Luc Tuymans on the square in front of the museum.

PAY ATTENTION! You are studying in the boulevard. Using earplugs is recommended.


Hanzestedenplaats 1
2000 Antwerp

03 338 44 81

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Opening hours

This location will open on December 7th 2021.

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WIFI - Lockers - Headphones - Earplugs - Power points

Wearing a mask is mandatory when you're moving from point A to B but also while studying at the boulevard.

Wheelchair accessibility

There’s a lift bringing you to the eigth floor. Do not hesitate to ask someone from the front desk to help you. On the ground floor there is a wheelchair-accessible toilet.


Time for a break

Het Eilandje is alive and kicking! Before you leave MAS, check out its 360-degree panorama on the tenth floor or one of its many tantalizing exhibitions (visit ‘Listen‘ for some moving local folk stories). 

Want to stretch your legs? Take a stroll past the docks and its variety of ships, boats and yaughts, get mesmerized by the architecture of Felix Pakhuis or find your way to one of the local restaurants for lunch. Want something new? The best pizzas in Antwerp can be found at  Otomat. More a fan of ‘lean and green’? Then ‘Roest‘ is right up your alley.

Opening hours and take-out services change quickly in times of corona, so make sure to first check these locations’ social media. That way you won’t end up standing in front of a closed door!

Want to keep exploring the student life in Antwerp in this neighbourhood or in general? Come and get your own free copy of our brand new Student Magazine at our STUDY360 locations or the STAN info desk at GATE15.

Getting there

Bicycle parking can be found at the flag parade in front of the museum or at the back entrance. You can park your bike in the MAS Velo station or St Laureiskaai.

At the railway stations Antwerp Centraal and Antwerp Berchem, you can rent the ‘Blue Bikes’ rental bikes. If you prefer to come by public transport, you can map out your perfect route with the route planner from De Lijn. Buses 17, 30, 34 and 291 stop nearby, or take tram 7 to St Pietersvliet, which is at the entrance of the museum.

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