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In the heart of the student district

GATE15 is thé Antwerp hub for and by students and, fear not, this home for students is situated right in the middle of the student district. This renovated monument houses the information desk, manned by STAN students who will gladly answer all your questions, the serious and the less serious ones. You will also find a conference room, computer room, the international students desk ánd the Tarmac: an acoustically closed off space with countless possibilities, which, in this particular case, means a welcoming place to study.


Kleine Kauwenberg 15
2000 Antwerp

03 292 31 70

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Opening Hours

9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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Note: you will download the current opening hours. Please check the website for possible changes in opening hours.


wifi - free coffee - free tea - free water - free fruit - computers - headphones - relax area - Docking station Juce

Bring your own mug!

Wheelchair accessibility

This location is wheelchair accessible. There is a toilet for wheelchair users.

Time for a break

Time for a break but where do you go? You're in the student neighbourhood so there are plenty of great spots. For example, go to the Vandoag is't or the Tartoer for a coffee and for a nice healthy lunch go to the Kool&Zo. In the mood for nature? Then go to the Hof van Liere, sit in the grass, and enjoy the beautiful buildings that seems to come straight out of Harry Potter movie. Or enjoy the peace and quiet of the Begijnhof. That way, your brain will soon be recharged!

Getting there

The study site is easily accessible by public transportation, by bicycle, on foot or by sustainable sharing systems. All information about routes and timetables can be found at You can park your bike at the bike park in front of GATE15. Coming by Velo? There is a station at the end of the street, at Paardenmarkt. Do you prefer to come by bus? You can use De Lijn's route planner. Buses 1, 13, 17, 30 and 34 already stop nearby.

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