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Back to the roots of the Rubens House

Peter Paul Rubens invites you to his oasis of peace in the middle of the city. Not only to admire his house, garden and beautiful work, but also to study there. We go back to the cradle of this place. Rubens educated many students in his studio, including Anthony van Dyck.

That way, in addition to the perfect place to study, you also have the perfect study break.


  • You enter throguh the back of the Rubens House (Kolveniersstraat 20), ring the door bell on arrival.
  • We ask to leave your bicycle in the courtyard.
  • There are 10 study places in the Kolveniershof and 2 'quiet places' in the reading room of the Rubenianum
  • The desk is unmanned between 12 PM and 1 PM. Are you going outside? Then you can come back in at 1 PM. You can also choose to stay or to sunbathe/lunch/relax in our garden.



Kolveniersstraat 20, 2000

03 201 15 55

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Opening Hours

This location will open on 1st of August 2022.

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Note: you will download the current opening hours. Please check the website for possible changes in opening hours.


wifi - free water - lockers - earplugs - relax area - power points - free museum visit

Wheelchair accessibility

This study place is accessible for weelchairs.

Time for a break

A break in the Rubens House? You take it in the Rubens House itself, of course. Discover everything about one of Antwerp's most iconic painters at this museum. In addition, the Rubens House is located in the heart of Antwerp, so there's no shortage of places to eat and drink. Go for a coffee while studying at Cafématic or for a cool beer after studying at the Mechelseplein. Lints Antwerp - Patisserie & Tearoom is the best place for a cosy study break. Feel like taking a longer break? Stroll through the shopping streets and discover why Antwerp is the city of fashion.

Want to keep exploring the student life in Antwerp in this neighbourhood or in general? Come and get your own free copy of our brand new Student Magazine at our STUDY360 locations or the STAN info desk at GATE15.

Getting there

With a Velo station named after the museum itself, Rubens House is very easy to access by bike. Do you take your own bicycle? Make sure you leave it locked at the shed near the location. If you prefer to come by public transport, Rubens House is accessible from several metro stops nearby. At metro stop Stadspark, buses 1 and 13 (Eilandje), 290 and 500, and trams 12 and 24 stop. From the City Park, it is a five-minute walk to Rubens Huis. On Mechelse Square, trams 4 and 7 stop, and at pre-metro station Meir, trams 3, 5, 9 and 15 stop. Both stops are a seven-minute walk from this location. Map out your perfect route with

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