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On this page you'll find everything you need to know to start hosting Antwerp's young and eager minds.

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Do you, as a company or organisation, have an unused space where a (temporary) useful occupation would not be out of place? Or would you consider transforming your most beautiful boardroom into a study venue for a while?

Thanks to the STUDY360 venues, Antwerp students get the chance to study in a safe environment during times of Covid19, and – they all agree on that – this constitutes an incredible advantage. On top of that, students also learn about your venue and its inner workings. Before you know it, they apply for a job vacancy and they are here to stay.

Read further down below about all the conditions that a location must meet in order to receive students.


Available seats

Provide an offer of at least 20 study places. Students usually choose to study in a group because it simply encourages to study among fellow students. So, the more places you can offer, the better!

Available days

You can open up a study place for a minimum of 20 days. Obviously, the popularity of your venue will be influenced by the availability of places in terms of days. In addition, we also noticed that there is still a shortage of study places in the evenings and at the weekend. So extensive opening hours are certainly a plus!

We ask location partners to participate in at least two of the three editions per year


Your venue is situated in Antwerp or one of the Antwerp districts.


Wi-Fi, sufficient power points in space, and sanitation are the minimum requirements. A space for relaxation, free water, coffee, tea and leisure facilities are a bonus.


Are you interested in participating in a future edition (May – June 2022)? STAN would like to come and give more information. Register below for an intake interview.

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