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The Beacon

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Studying in style!

It's sleek, modern, fashionable and spacious? It's The Beacon in Antwerp.
This luxurious building, with desks galore, makes its large coworking spaces available to Antwerp students. No wooden uncomfortable chairs at lunch tables, but the real thing!

Enjoy modern luxury and throw yourself into those dreadful re-exams like a true royalty.


Sint-Pietersvliet 7, 2000 Antwerp

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Opening Hours

8am - 6pm

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Note: you will download the current opening hours. Please check the website for possible changes in opening hours.


wifi - free coffee - free tea - free water - relax area - pingpong - Panoramic Terrace - Lunch area with microwave

Sign in at the front desk to access the elevators.

Time for a break

Check out the great terrace overlooking the Scheldt, which is also The Beacon's showpiece. Enjoy that well-earned sandwich or pasta salad in the sun, recharge those batteries and go go go!

Next door to The Beacon you will find Tinsel, a hip bar where delicious sandwiches and local Belgian products meet. Diagonally opposite this Study360 location, you'll also find Sint-Paulusplein, the coolest place to grab a terrace during your break. Is your study day over and do you deserve some distraction? Behind The Beacon you'll find Barro, a cocktail bar with good vibes only.

No time to waste and need something quick from the supermarket? You'll find one just 3 minutes' walk away.

Getting there

The Beacon is a five-minute walk from the student district, a ten-minute walk from Groenplaats and just an eight-minute walk from MAS. Even the laziest student won't stumble for that.

Last but not least, the nearest Velo station is a three-minute walk away, easy-peasy!

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