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Pop-up Politiezone Antwerpen

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Woop woop, that's the sound of da police! From 31 July, this pop-up will not only be a place to recruit new officers, but also a brand new Study360 location! Police Zone Antwerp wants to offer a helping hand to all hardworking students and therefore provides everything your student heart desires. Think corridors where you can study out loud, stress balls, beanbags and even real-life interactive police assignments for relaxation.


Grote Markt 11-13, 2000 Antwerpen

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Opening Hours

09.00 - 18.00

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Note: you will download the current opening hours. Please check the website for possible changes in opening hours.


wifi - free coffee - free tea - free water

Time for a break

Need to take a break from studying? Play some fun games (such as opening a row of handcuffs as quickly as possible). Who knows, you might be the ultimate candidate the Antwerp police are looking for.

Would you rather get your diploma first? And do you need an afternoon break after a solid morning of studying? Well, you're on the Grote Markt, you can have it all! Everything Antwerp has to offer is within easy reach. Think sandwich shops, terraces, bars, fast food, ...


Getting there

There is no easier way to reach a Study360 location, best come by foot or by bike. Super easy by the way, because there is a Velo station next to the pop-up.

Coming from a bit further and need to use public transport? Then look for a tram or bus towards the Groenplaats. The walking distance from the Grote Markt to the Groenplaats is a four minutes, which is just about doable, right?

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