Antwerpen Noord


The gateway to a great examination period

A stone’s throw from the camuses of Spoor Noord and Ellermansstraat, you will see a remarkable yellow building that is closed off by an immense gate. That’s why there can be no mystery as to why Bart Peeters’ co-working space – no, not a singer by profession, but a publicity photographer – is called Noordpoort. In the 19th-century cottage with an industrial look, there is room for as many as sixty entrepreneurs, who make lucrative deals between the sanseverias and the Arabic carpets. During the exams or resits, students can settle down here and open their books at these ultra-modern desks.


Dambruggestraat 336
2060 Antwerp


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WIFI - Free coffee - Free tea - Free water

Eigen koffie/waterbeker meebrengen.

Time for a break

For a firm and healthy lunch break, you should go to Le Red Fox, for a crispy sandwich to Chip & Dale Dam and for a cup of coffee to Brandbar. You’ll have a good stay at Rode 7 on the Sint-Jansplein and for the best relaxation, you can chill in the summerbar Bar Noord. Hint: bring the game Kubb or a frisbee with you and have the best time in Park Spoor Noord, because exercise is said to be the best break! But make sure you don’t forget to return  your books in time ;)!

Getting there

Noordpoort is relatively easy to reach by public transport, if you don’t mind a bit of walking. Lines 17 and 23 of De Lijn are stopping at the Antwerp Noorderplaats. Plan the best route with the routeplanner of De Lijn. Do you prefer to come by bike? You can lock it at Park Spoor Noord. The nearest Velo stations are 118-Dambrugge and 124-Park Spoor Noord 1.