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Lotto Arena

Niall Horan, Snelle or… you?

Feeling like a popster while studying, that is everything you could wish for, right? Well good news then, because from now on it’s possible to study in the Lotto Arena. Let your inner Beyoncé shine and you’ll learn that course within no time. Tip: bring headphones and the music of your favorite artist. You are not going to get closer to a concert while studying than this!


Schijnpoortweg 119
2170 Antwerpen
Entrance 17

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Opening hours

This location will open on the 3rd of August.
Last day: 3rd of September.

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Note: you will download the current opening hours. Please check the website for possible changes in opening hours.



Wheelchair accessibility

This location is wheelchair accessible.

Time for a break

In case you want to enjoy the summer weather during your break, head to Park Spoor Noord. You can find a lot of nice restaurants and bars here, including the summer bar Bar Noord, in like 5 minutes from Lotto Arena! If you want to have a big lunch break, head to restaurant La Volpe and try some of their 80 different kinds of tapas.

Getting there

Lotto Arena is easily accessible by public transport. Take lines 2, 3 or 6 to the stop Sport or take line 5 to the stop Sportpaleis. Check the routeplanner of De Lijn for more information. Wanna grab the bike? There are 600 spaces to place your bike at Lotto Arena and there is a Velo station as well.