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MAS in Young Hands and Karen François invite you to De Marina. A place specially made for and by young people at the foot of the MAS.

Looking for a place to work on your own for school, to study or just to work on your laptop? Take a seat at our long table. There is no age limit for co-working in our pavilion.

Please note! The Marina is also a place where people live. There’s background music on, Karen’s gift shop is open and people are chatting.

More information:


Hanzestedenplaats 15, 2000 Antwerpen


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Opening hours

This location will open on 7th of December

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Note: you will download the current opening hours. Please check the website for possible changes in opening hours.


WIFI - Headphones - Earplugs - Relax area

Headphones and earplugs are available at the reception desk of the MAS. Wifi: 'City of Antwerp - free wifi'.

Wheelchair accessibility

The Marina is accessible for wheelchair users.

A wheelchair-accessible toilet is located on the ground floor of the MAS.

Time for a break

MAS Vegas
During the birthday party of the MAS in May, everyone could take a chance on Karen’s coin pusher. Due to its great success, it is now also available in De Marina!
With a bit of luck, you’ll have a piece of new Antwerp heritage in your home.

Poop-up exhibition
Studio Stoutpoep is taking over the toilets in the Marina with the Poop-up exhibition!

And what is heritage and what can be improved?
Together with Karen, the MAS goes in search of what young people think about heritage in the city. Think along with us.

Getting there

Bicycle parking can be found at the flag parade in front of the museum or at the back entrance. You can park your bike in the MAS Velo station or St Laureiskaai.

At the railway stations Antwerp Centraal and Antwerp Berchem, you can rent the ‘Blue Bikes’ rental bikes. If you prefer to come by public transport, you can map out your perfect route with the route planner from De Lijn. Buses 17, 30, 34 and 291 stop nearby, or take tram 7 to St Pietersvliet, which is at the entrance of the museum.

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