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Theater district



This 19th century foyer allows you to find your own space whilst still being around other people. “Studying in style”, as you might call it.

Pierre Bruno Bourla built the theatre in 1830, and the first opera had its premiere in 1834. Every important Antwerper over the past 183 years has been here before you and, who knows, maybe some knowledge has lingered in the high ceilings.


Toneelhuis provides the hygiene necessary. Please take your own precautions as by government required, or we can not allow you to acces the study.



Komedieplaats 18
2000 Antwerp

03 224 88 44

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Opening hours

This location opens in May. Please keep an eye out on this page for the exact date.

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Note: you will download the current opening hours. Please check the website for possible changes in opening hours.



Due to Covid-19 we're not able to offer games and goodies this time. So please bring your own lunch / drinks

Wheelchair accessibility

The study space is wheelchair accessible and there’s a wheelchair accessible toilet.

Time for a break

The Foyer offers quiet and concentration. We advice you to go outside while taking a break. Some fresh air will wake you up!

Walk for five minutes from the Bourla Theatre and you will find a number of cafés with tasty sandwiches and top-notch coffee. The Graanmarkt, the Theaterplein and the Oude Vaartplaats are right next door. For a refreshing boost of oxygen, why not visit the Botanic Garden, five minutes down the Leopoldstraat.

Do you want to explore the neighbourhood further? Check out the Antwerp Student Guide with seven walks fine-tuned for students. Perfect to get some fresh air!

Opening hours and take-out services change quickly in times of corona, so make sure to first check these locations’ social media. That way you won’t end up standing in front of a closed door!

Getting there

There are plenty of spaces for your bike around the Bourla Theatre. There are also Velo locations nearby. Tram 4 and 7 stop at the Oudaan, five minutes’ walk away. You’ll find your ideal route with the De Lijn route planner.

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